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The Northern Territory Department of Education has a range of initiatives to support the career development and professional learning for existing and aspiring Northern Territory Aboriginal educators.  

Teaching – Growing Our Future Aboriginal Teacher Education Scholarship (ATES)

Scholarships are available for Aboriginal people who are currently studying or are eligible to enrol in a Bachelor of Education or a Master of Teaching at a Northern Territory tertiary institution.

This Aboriginal Teacher Education Scholarship provides up to $15,000 per year to support students undertake full-time or part-time studies dependent on study load.

Please email Teach NT for further information. 

Eligibility criteria can be found within the Aboriginal Teacher Education Scholarship Terms and Conditions. To enquire further, or to finalise your application, please email   

Remote Aboriginal Teacher Education (RATE) program

The 2021 Remote Aboriginal Teacher Education pilot will enable Aboriginal educators in remote Northern Territory communities to study teaching while living and working on Country.

The 2021 RATE pilot will start in a small number of sites that have the following attributes:

  • cohorts of aspiring teachers who are ready to enter tertiary education,
  • relevant community support in place, and
  • school support structures in place.  

The 2021 RATE pilot will be tailored to meet site-specific needs, and will include:

  • ongoing engagement with local communities,
  • negotiated agreements with education settings and ongoing systemic support, and
  • aspiring teachers engaging in study pathways that are based on career aspirations and preferred ways of learning.

Keep up to date about RATE by visiting the Department of Education 2021 RATE pilot page or email

Assistant Teachers

The Assistant Teacher Project supports Aboriginal Assistant Teachers and classroom support staff working in remote Northern Territory schools to undertake education-related VET qualifications and professional development. This project also includes opportunities for the emerging workforce to be employed as school-based trainees.

For further information about the Assistant Teacher Project, please email


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