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Interested in Teaching in the Territory? Use our interactive incentive and benefits calculator to calculate how much you may be entitled to when you teach in a remote school in the Northern Territory, based on your personal circumstances and location.

Dependents - Employee's spouse, including de facto spouse and/or dependent children (under the age of 18)
195 days equates to one year of teaching


Terms and Conditions apply and information is correct as at 11 October 2020

Incentives and Benefits
Benefits and Incentives
(per annum)
For the duration of the contract
$ (per annum)
Paid fortnightly with your salary
$ (per annum)
with dependents
(per annum)
To your nearest intrastate hub
$ (per annum)
Paid after 40 weeks of continuous employment
(per annum)
Up to (per annum)
Subject to your delegates approval

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