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Stage 1: Employment eligibility

In the Northern Territory (NT), relief teachers are employed directly through school councils and are not departmental employees. However, relief teachers should have an application in the teacher recruitment pool (see details below).

In order to be employed as a relief teacher, you must meet the following requirements before commencing work:

Your teacher application for the recruitment pool must consist of a current curriculum vitae and at least two recent referees (at principal or assistant principal level). If you are a graduate, referee reports are not required because your final practicum report is sufficient.

Stage 2: Application submission for the recruitment pool

This is a pool of teacher candidates that schools can access to find teachers suitable for their vacancies. To join, register an account in eRecruit, search in the NT government jobs website for job vacancy number 104487, and complete the online application form. Select relief teaching as your preference in the application.

Stage 3: Pre-assessment

If you apply to join the recruitment pool, the Department of Education will complete a pre-assessment.

In the pre-assessment, the Teach in the Territory team will check your application details, supporting documents and contact your referees.

If you are deemed eligible, you will receive an email advising that you are now active in the recruitment pool.

Once you are active in the recruitment pool schools across the NT can use the system to target their recruitment and find teachers suitable for their vacancies.

Stage 4: Final assessment

A school may contact you directly for further assessment, such as an interview or more referee checks.